With aesthetic dentistry practices, it is aimed to provide color and form integrity in the teeth in line with the personal expectations of our patients. In this context, there are many alternative methods, and one of the most important applications is smile aesthetics.

Smile aesthetics is to plan the most beautiful smile that combines function, aesthetics and naturalness, taking into account personal wishes and expectations. Generally, applications are achieved by performing one or more applications such as bleaching, porcelain laminates, implant applications or gingivoplasty in a synchronized manner. In smile aesthetics, factors such as the patient's face form and shape, skin color, gender, age, lips, condition of lip edges, color of teeth, alignment and gingival structure are taken into consideration. In some cases, the scope of aesthetics may include all treatments, while in some cases, Smile Aesthetics can be brought to the desired level with one or more of them.


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